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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Bakarwals of Kashmir

Gujjars and Bakarwals is the third largest community in the Indian state of the Jammu and Kashmir. They keep moving all round the year from one pasture to another. Their seasonal movement is purely seasonal in characterdepending on the availability of the pasture lands.

                     The Bakarwals who are nomadic shepherds of high slopes and streams of upper Himalayan mountains.  Gujjars and akarwals, which are the migratory population,who still follow their ancient traditions and travel in search of green pastures around the Himalayas. Bakarwals are nomadic shepherds who roam around Himalayan states, especially Jammu and Kashmir, in search of pastures for their livestock. The Bakarwals travel with their livestock and pack animals to lush meadows at high altitudes for grazing during summer.Bakarwal tribespeople live in tents or temporary mud huts. Salted tea, maize bread and fruit are some of the most common food items for this nomadic tribe.

Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation, a National Organization wor king on Gujjars and Bakarwals, 37 percent of the community members have already left the seasonal movement practice and start settling in the safer areas. Long-term displacement also causes loss of traditional occupation, changes in socio- cultural life pat terns, disintegration of families and community structures of the whole tribe.Their economy and culture is highly effected by unrest in the region. So in this paper an attempt is made to know the level of impact of
conflict on their livelihoods.

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ശ്രീജ എന്‍ എസ് said...

Beautiful..While reading,I was just thinking about the life of a nomad..We always love to come back to our home,our comfort zone..our belongings..So how will it be when nothing belongs to u...?Thanks a lot for writing this...